In this world affected by coronavirus, people all over the world have come up with new ways to protect themselves from the deadly infection. Many have gone ahead and have designed Face shields that will protect the doctors in case of a sudden splash of blood on their face. Or the police and healthcare professionals who are on the move will get saved from someone coughing or sneezing on them. Even the general public needs protection when they visit the crowded locations.

Our Shield Pro Face Shields Provide the much needed protection and are also comfortable to use. These shields are CE certified and therefore acceptable in government tenders. Made from 350 Micron Clear PET Screen, it can withstand the gust of wind or splash of water easily.

The front screen too has protective film on both sides when shipped. This ensures no scratches to the screen before use and also keeps the contamination away. The shield can be used many times by sanitizing it between uses.

The most remarkable feature in our shield is the swivel up-down motion. That is if needed, you can raise the shield and lower it again without going through the trouble of removing and wearing it. This helps us stand out from other available common shields in the market.

These shields can be made in color of choice and in custom brands as needed in bulk orders.