Whenever anyone calls us for job this is one question everyone asks us: How much do you charge per minute for laser cutting job. It is an obvious question and an important one but today I want to share that it is not the only important question. Yes per minute cost of laser cutting matters but did you know the the same laser job can be done in different time span depending on how much power is used by the laser.

Let me explain. Let’s say you have some laser cutting work to be done on paper and you approach two different shops. One person tells you it will cost Rs. 10 per minute and another person tells you it will cost Rs. 15 per minute and you inherently decide the person with Rs. 10 per minute will be cheaper but that’s not true. You need to know one more important detail that is how much time will your job take and yes on different machines and with different setting this time can be different. In fact when I take up a big job I do work with my customer to optimize the art file to see where we can reduce the time and make it work for them.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that everyone else other than us will cheat you…. will tell you more time for your job work but less per minute charge just to pick your order. But what I am surely saying is that you should check both parameters time for the job taken and per minute cost and couple of other parameters and than decide where to give the work.