LASERCUTTINGSTUDIO.COM is an offspring of a 30 Year old company, Softline Business Systems Pvt. Ltd., that has been on the forefront of technological drive in India on the ground level. Back in 1980s and 90s when the country was just learning to use computers and it’s uses, then group CMD, (now Late) Mr. Ravi Prakash Jain used to visit International Exhibitons around the world like Cebit, etc. and get latest innovations and inventions here. He was one of the first few users of a Fax machine here in India. And when India learned the techniques of fax, he had already moved onto email, a technology that was not even heard by many in those days. Do remember, this is early 1990s when Internet connection wasn’t available freely in India and only few had dial-up access via modems. He was a true inspiration to us all and will always be.

Taking the cue from a great leader, we all have tried to follow his steps and keep ourselves ahead of others in the run for technology applications. We introduced Datasonix Pereos Drive, a miniature centimeter size portable backup drive that could hold data of 1 GB. Back in those days, it was a massive advancement over unreliable floppy drives or prohabitively expensive tape drives that home users or small office users could not afford.

Then came the year 1998, and we saw laser cutting and engraving machines working for the first time. We were amazed with the precision they worked. Cutting and engraving complicated artworks on so many different materials looked very easy to lasers. They magically created what ever design was fed in them. That inspired us to set one of our own in India. Though it took us a lot of time after that but we were finally able to set up our own laser cutting studio in the year 2005. We started with just one machine and it was open to public to be used as per their liking. We never refused any work on basis of it being less or complicated {And we still don’t :-)}, and never objected to any experimentation or prototyping. This really helped us understand the laser machines better and what all it can do. We learned and grew with our customers and today thanks to these experiments, our understanding of laser cutting and engraving machines is far mature.

In the year 2015, after having 5 laser cutting and 3 laser engraving machines, we added CNC cutting facitily in our studio. The CNC router with a bed area of 8’x4′ could cut the full sheet in a single go. This helped us enter the furniture market and making designer wall panels, ceiling panels, partitions etc. became possible. Please refer to our portfolio to see some of our achievements.

Now, 14 years later, with a successful laser cutting studio, these machines still surprise us. The materials which many will refuse to process, or not able to give desired results, our machines can achieve the same in a far better fashion. Be it cutting industrial materials like rubber or EVA Sheets or even ABS of some mixes. Or engraving on fabrics to make designer clothing. We are always open to new challenges everyday.

Do contact us should you need any information. We Look forward to work with you.