3D Models

Though Laser cutting machines are 2D machines i.e they cut flat sheets only into desired shapes. But with help of Software, these flat parts can be assembled into 3D models


Though cotton can be cut easily on lasers, the edges of real cotton keep fraying. The edges of polyester based cotton seal very well and does not fray, but real cotton does not seal itself and keeps fraying.


Velvet is a very versatile material when it comes to Lasers. That is because both Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting can be done on velvets with great precision. Please see yourself in these images below

MDF Coasters

MDF is a very versatile and laser friendly material. Any shape can be carved out of MDF with help of Laser cutting. Even intricate designs come out well in MDF with laser cutting. Following are few coasters we have designed


Felt is an inexpensive, versatile fabric that works wonderfully with the laser. It’s also exceptionally durable and when laser cut, produces wonderfully precise results.


Rexine and its family materials like PU or Leatherette are wonderful materials. They imitate the look and feel of a leather without harming any animal whatsoever. And Laser cutting Machines enhance its beauty by doing the intricate cutwork on them.


Polysatin Laser Cutting Samples done by us.


Laser Cutting Services on All Types of Silk, be it Polysilk, Natural Silk, chanderi Silk or any other ethnic Silk

Designer Ceilings

Laser Cutting has a lot to offer to Interior Designers. Laser cut wall panels and partitions adds zest to any home, office or showroom. Designers also play with lighting concepts with use of laser cutting and laser engraving methods. Like laser engraved Veneer on top of lampshades. Or down lighters having engraved artworks that glows when lit. Or laser cut patterns in light path for shadow effects.

One such concept has been put up in the lobby of The Park Hotel, Hyderabad. These laser cut panels are done by us and are made from Felt fabric. Project was designed and executed by www.ywalls.com. Photo Courtesy: www.ywalls.com