3D Models

Though Laser cutting machines are 2D machines i.e they cut flat sheets only into desired shapes. But with help of Software, these flat parts can be assembled into 3D models

Bike Model

An 8 feet long 3D Model of a motorbike made from MDF Sheets. When finished with paint, it gets difficult to guess that it is made from flat sheets

Hexagon Standee

This Standee is made from MDF and transparent acrylic. However simple it may look, the calculation of each panel size was a big challenge considering common edges. The end result is mesmerizing.

The size of the standee is 5’x5′. And is made of 6MM MDF pieces

Similar to this, such concept furniture and display units can be designed and made.

MDF Coasters

MDF is a very versatile and laser friendly material. Any shape can be carved out of MDF with help of Laser cutting. Even intricate designs come out well in MDF with laser cutting. Following are few coasters we have designed

Wedding Cards Jaali

Laser Cut MDF Jaal for wedding Cards and Sagan Envelopes in Multiple top finishes.

Wedding Card Accessories

These are few accessories used in Indian Wedding cards. These are made from Vinyl coated MDF sheets that have gumming at back for pasting. These are ready to use directly on wedding cards or Money envelopes. Please contact us for your specific design and pricing.