Hexagon Standee

This Standee is made from MDF and transparent acrylic. However simple it may look, the calculation of each panel size was a big challenge considering common edges. The end result is mesmerizing.

The size of the standee is 5’x5′. And is made of 6MM MDF pieces

Similar to this, such concept furniture and display units can be designed and made.

Acrylic Coasters

This is a new line we have added recently. We have made these coasters out of Colored Acrylics. They look smart and trendy and can even be personalized with custom designs and branding. Please do contact us for more details.

MDF Coasters

MDF is a very versatile and laser friendly material. Any shape can be carved out of MDF with help of Laser cutting. Even intricate designs come out well in MDF with laser cutting. Following are few coasters we have designed from 2 MM MDF.  Please contact us for more information.


Chinese Felt

Felt is an inexpensive, versatile fabric that works wonderfully with the laser. It’s also exceptionally durable and when laser cut, produces wonderfully precise results.

Laser Cut Lace

We can do Laser cutting on running Lace. The material can be as varied as Silk, Satin, Organza etc. The Sample image shows cutting on Zari Cloth.


Laser Cutting Services on Rexene/PU/Leatherite

Rexine is a strong coated cloth usually imitating leather and PU leather is an artificial leather material made with split leather which has been coated with polyurethane and applied to the surface of the furniture.

Wedding Card Jaal

A Few More Laser Cut Wedding Card Jaal Options in Silver

A Few Laser Cut Jaal Options that we do:

Wedding Card Accessories

These are few accessories used in Indian Wedding cards. These are made from Vinyl coated MDF sheets that have gumming at the bottom. These are ready to use directly on wedding cards or Money envelopes. Please contact us for your specific design and pricing.


MDF or “Medium Density Fiberboad” is an engineered wood made from real wood. The wood is broken into fibers and then compressed to make fiberboard. MDF is comes in multiple flavors. But all are not laser friendly. Of all the variety available, MDF made from Pine wood is best suited for laser cutting. Pine wood MDF is lighter in color and looks fairer. Even Laser engraving comes out nice on Pine MDF.

Laser cutting studio offers Laser cutting and Laser engraving services on Pine Wood MDF. The results are excellent. The laser cut edges are sharper and clearer and does not leave a soot when touched.

With help of laser cutting and laser engraving, we have developed multiple materials using MDF. Like custom engraved Plaques and mementoes; Photoframes; photoplaques, placemats, coasters etc. This list is endless. The attached image here shows a placemat developed by laser cutting on MDF. Any design and shape can be cut on MDF easily with lasers. Just feed the design in the machine and laser will do the rest.

If you need us to do a sample for you, just send us your vector designs and we will get the laser cut MDF sample ready for you.

Other Technical Information:

Cutting Area:                   Upto  39″ X 23″
Engraving Area:              Upto  25″ X 18″
Cutting Thickness:         Upto  9 MM Pine MDF
Engraving Depth:           Upto 3 MM Deep
Engraving Resolution:   1000 DPI

Please contact us for more information through our contact page or immediately by calling on +91 9810157887


Laser Cutting Services on All Types of Silk, be it Polysilk, Natural Silk, chanderi Silk or any other ethnic Silk


Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish.

Designer Ceilings

Laser Cutting has a lot to offer to Interior Designers. Laser cut wall panels and partitions adds zest to any home, office or showroom. Designers also play with lighting concepts with use of laser cutting and laser engraving methods. Like laser engraved Veneer on top of lampshades. Or down lighters having engraved artworks that glows when lit. Or laser cut patterns in light path for shadow effects.

One such concept has been put up in the lobby of The Park Hotel, Hyderabad. These laser cut panels are done by us and are made from Felt fabric. Project was designed and executed by www.ywalls.com. Photo Courtesy: www.ywalls.com